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10 Life Lessons from Lord Ganesha

Inspiring life lessons for all of us from the Elephant God.
Prerana Jamdarkhana Sep 9, 2019

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1. Being the 'Remover of Obstacles'(vighnaharta), Ganesha motivates us to face our challenges, not run away from them.
2. When His Mother asked Him to guard the door of her private chambers, He had to fight with His Father while at it. That's how determined Ganesha was to perform His duty.
3. Once His parents asked both their sons, Ganesha and Karthikeya, to circle the world to gain the Divine Fruit. While His brother went around the world, Ganesha circled His parents, saying that our parents are our world. Ganesha was rewarded with the 'miracle fruit' for His wisdom.
4. When the Moon laughed at Ganesha’s fat belly, the Lord cursed Him in anger. Later, the Moon was forgiven as the Lord considered that 'forgiveness is the greatest virtue'.
5. While writing the epic ‘Mahabharata’, His pen broke down. Ganesha broke one of His tusks to continue writing, teaching us to always give your best to the work in hand.
6. He chose a rat as His vehicle, emphasizing on the belief that all beings are created equal. The Lord stands for Equality.
7. Despite being fat, Lord Ganesha is known for inner-strength, teaching us that everyone is more than their physical appearance.

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8. The large head of the Lord signifies that one should always seek knowledge and expand their awareness about the world.
9. Ganesha's feet, one on the ground and the other raised, calls for the balance between social and spiritual life.
10. His large ears and small mouth depict that one should listen twice as much as they speak.