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Under the Spotlight: Info on the 10 Angels Mentioned in the Bible

10 Angels Mentioned in the Bible
Angels are known as God's messengers; however, they have other responsibilities too. Ever wondered, how many angels are there? SpiritualRay lists out the different types of angels mentioned in the Bible.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Did You Know?
Angels are spirits with no physical bodies and were all created at one time and existed from eternity. They are both visible and invisible and can take on the appearance of man when required. These ministering spirits do not marry or reproduce like humans.
Angels are pure spirits created by God and carry out different tasks assigned to them. Chief among them being worship and praise in heaven, carrying messages from heaven to us, answering our prayers, guiding, protecting, and delivering people in danger, and at times, even acting as executioners by destroying evil and sin. Angels are essentially an association that are not extinct.

There are indefinite number of angels, but SpiritualRay has listed the main categories of angels mentioned in the Bible and what are their roles.
1. Seraphims
➦ The word seraphim means the burning one, and these four angels with four faces and six wings are closest to God. Out of the six wings, they only utilize two for flying, while two are used to cover their faces. Their proximity to God makes it difficult for them to see His glory which emits great light. The remaining two wings are used to cover their feet as an act of respect to God Almighty.
➦ The Seraphims are glorious, and the Bible describes them as radiating light-like flames of fire, with eyes on all sides so that they can constantly watch God in action.
➦ They serve as caretakers to God's throne, continuously chanting "Holy Holy Holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory;" Their primary duty is to praise and worship God.
➦ They are always ready to serve God on His command and minister to Him, seldom coming down to earth to complete God-given special missions.
2. Cherubims
➦ Modern English usage portrays Cherubims to be cute cuddly babies with wings, but it's just the opposite. These angels have 4 faces: one of a man, an ox, a lion, and an eagle. They have four conjoined wings covered with eyes. Satan was believed to be a cherubim before his fall. These beautiful creatures possess immense power and wisdom.
➦ Their role is to guard the throne of God, and hence, are always in proximity to God. Their primary duty is to keep record of what happens in the universe. These fierce angels are commissioned to guard the Tree Of Life and stand around it with a flaming sword.
3. Thrones or Ophanims
➦ These celestial beings are assigned to right all the wrongs, and to help oppressed people find freedom. They are unusual in their appearance with their rims covered with hundreds of eyes. They represent the living symbol of God's justice and authority.
➦ They are the Third Order in the Hierarchy of Angels and appear as great wheels covered in eye, possessing incredible power and movement.
1. Dominions or Lordships
➦ Dominions are like the middle management of an organization. They are often termed as watchers and are in charge of the core elements of the universe. Their main responsibility is delegating work to the lower hierarchy of angels from orders passed by angels in the first sphere.
➦ They often act as a channel of mercy for God's love.
➦ They have a beautiful and divine appearance with looks resembling those of a man with a pair of feathered wings.
2. Virtues or Strongholds
➦ Often referred to as the Spirits of Motion, these are a group of angels who encourage human beings to strengthen their faith in God and guide them to lead righteous lives.
➦ They perform miracles as an answer to the prayers offered by people, thus increasing the belief of man in the Almighty.
➦ Their role is to take care of the matters of the universe which God has beautifully created. Providing courage, strength, and valor is their duty.
➦ Their appearance is like sparks of light.
3. Powers or Authorities
➦ Referred to as bearers of conscience and keepers of history, they help humans overcome the temptation to sin. Encouraging them to choose good over bad.
➦ Their task is to oversee the distribution of power amongst mankind. They are called warrior angels who fight evil, sometimes even considered to be angels of birth and death.
➦ They appear like brightly colored, hazy fumes.
1. Principalities or Rulers
➦ They oversee everything, just like a principal in the school, or a manager in the office. These celestial beings appear as wearing a crown and carrying a scepter. Their task is to implement orders from Dominions and oversee the activities of people, thus guiding our entire world.
➦ They are also in charge of religion and politics.
2. Archangels
➦ The name 'archangel' originates from the Greek words "arche" (rulers) and "angelos" (messenger). Their main focus is to deliver God's message to people and help humans in times of crisis. These are the only angels which appear in human form.
➦ They are said to be the guardian angels of nations and countries. They are assigned to the concerns and issues emanating from them.
3. Angels
➦ They are messengers who bring messages back and forth from God and humans. Their primary duty is to protect all those who believe in God from demonic forces.
➦ They are our personal angels, often called guardian angels, and are always with us.
➦ A wicked and rebellious band of angels with Satan as their leader. They disobeyed God and were thrown out of heaven before the fall of Adam and Eve.
➦ These fallen angels await an ultimate and final judgment.

The Bible says in Psalms 91:11: For He will command His angels concerning you. To guard you in all your ways. A promise that God has given to all those who love Him and call on Him. Heavenly angels were created and assigned to us to assist us in our walk on this earth and all the matters of the universe; however they do not interfere in our free will.
Some people contend that angels have appeared out of nowhere and pulled them to safety and disappeared without a trace. How wonderful and easy life would be if we only obey God and have these angels performing miracles for us everyday.
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