How Long Lord, How Long?

The great people of faith in the Bible oftentimes could have asked this question especially when the promises of God seemed to delay for years. What about us, what should we expect?
SpiritualRay Staff
God has wonderful promises in the Bible for all His children and just like a good parent He loves us with an everlasting love, consequently it is His delight to prosper us in every possible way! Yet especially when we go through tough times (particularly when they last longer than we expected) we wonder if those nice verses were even intended for us because the situation seems to stretch from one year to the other and so on on! When Lord when? This is what many of us wonder while waiting for our deliverance.
Let's look at the people of God for a moment, you see, all the great ones had great difficulties to encounter and they had to wait for long painful yet blessed years until the promises came true. Abraham had to wait to see his prophesied son for 25 years, time when God reminded Abraham of this promise, yet, it took a while, didn't it?
A God who has all wisdom, purity and love and has the best interest at heart for us, will surely do far more than we can think or imagine and HE wants to bless us even more than what we asked for. The problem is when we reach that point where we think we cannot go further. It is actually a mind set, a misconception to think that we cannot go further if this or the other occurs. God has already promised that we won't have more than we can put up with and consequently beat! I remember having reached a point in my life when I thought I won't be able to go forth, yet I don't know how, God simply gave me new strength!
Then I discovered for myself another wrong mindset that can become a stronghold is to think that you'll have to face certain difficulties with the same spiritual resources you have in the present. This is a misconception that automatically invites fear inside and we know that fear is not from God! No, there will always be a new set of spiritual muscles so to speak if we are to go through tough times. The more difficult the circumstance, the greater the strength we'll be given to overcome it!
Wrong expectations lead to frustration especially when you've waited for a long time and still "nothing happens". You see, we people are so comfortable in our own little nests that we won't bother using what we've got until we really have no other choice but to use it! I saw myself today doing the same thing until God brought me in a position where I had to use the spiritual weapons He gave me and I was so pleasantly surprised to see: "Wow, it worked!" Yes of course they work because "the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds"! 2 Corinthians 10:4.
Before we all know it for ourselves, these verses are basically only good information, but when God reveals the real power there is available in His weapons, the whole perspective changes! It becomes palpable reality!
Oftentimes our diligence in trying to fight a certain bad habit or difficult situation is put to the test, oh and it is not easy! Again with a lot of "pills" (the words of God have healing power) from God's word we can do as His advice is: "build siege works until the city at war with you falls."
(Deuteronomy 20:20) Until the enemy's stronghold falls! Don't give up! The ONE that is inside of you is stronger than the one in the world! Oh but in all these battles we actually discover who we really are in Christ and we realize how little is what we practice effectively when compared to what we theoretically know! Continually build those siege works against your enemy by standing firm in your faith, well established in God's word and the Devil will flee from you! This is the ultimate result! Hang on! Pray and fight because GOD does not make vain promises, HE is well able to fulfill all the words of His mouth and HE will complete everything as HE promised even if we have to go through those waiting times!