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How to Become More Spiritually Aware

How to use Meditation to open our minds to become more spiritually aware and in tune with our surroundings.
Craig Middleton Sep 29, 2019
The world is always in a constant state of change and people are looking for ways to stay with the fast-paced changing or some are slowing down to keep up with the beauty that is already around them. To the ones that are slowing themselves down, there might be a desire to connect with themselves with more internally or spiritually.
Questions may spring up for the person as they are trying to find themselves in a new way; such as “Is there a reason to why I am actually here, my true purpose” or “Is there more to me than just my name, my job, or where I live”?
Once the call for changing oneself spiritually, doesn’t have to seem such a dramatic change. It is as simple as changing up the monotonous routines in the daily life and rewiring the way the mind has been working for so long that it may bring up resistance in the beginning. A very effective way to start becoming more spiritually aware is through meditation.
Meditation requires one to slow down and appreciate the silence and stillness that is around. As the separation from the chaotic that normally surrounds the daily life meditation helps focus with the right here and now. As meditation starts becoming familiar in the new routine, old emotions that once were thought to be forgotten would spring up once again.
Don’t ignore these emotions, just let them flow out without them take control if too much negative feelings arise. Explore the emotions as they come; “why am I feeling this emotion at this time and what can I do to continue this feeling or even not do”.
If the emotions start to feel as there is no control and becomes too overwhelming, focus on breathing; in through the nose and out through the mouth, and with each exhale focus on releasing the tension wherever in the body that needs relaxing.
Meditation can open a whole new world for everyone in different ways, but the result is always the same; separating from everyday life and becoming more attuned to oneself with ease.
A concept that ties in to meditation is awakening the third eye or Anja chakra and opening a deeper sense of awareness in the world.
Begin with locating where the Anja chakra is through the body’s seven energy centers. The Anja chakra or the sixth chakra is in the front of the brain between the eye and above the bridge of the nose. To focus on the meditation, begin with finding a surrounding area that provides the best comfort and easy to relax in.
Afterwards, the body’s position in which one sit’s helps ease the mind into a state of relaxation when focusing on the sixth chakra. To help the brain focus find an object or even thought to concentrate on that provides comfort.
Find a mantra that is part of the meditation process one focuses on; a phrase or word that can be repeated internally or out loud.
The mantra should be something that integrates awareness. Meditation isn’t a practice that is something to be down in passing but become a part of the normal routine in life.
There is much more to meditating, than allowing one to become at inner peace but opening a mindfulness. Besides opening up the six chakras, open the two eyes that one uses daily. Train to be more consciously attentive to the physical sensations and emotions, without judgement what is going on.
Find something that allows one to be more observant or open; an activity such as walking outside without electronics or experimenting with creativity can help with meditating. After opening the Anja chakra, a greater sense of peace within oneself, an increase of self-confidence, decrease of anxiety has formed within.