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Maintaining Life

Claudia Miclaus Feb 6, 2019
Do you realize that within your body there are concentrated millions of cells programmed to constantly work to maintain your life in top condition? All the mechanisms to keep us alive are truly amazing. Our body is quite a project!
As we go through life day in and day out we are really never aware of the frenzy of activity that goes on inside our body. We might hear our stomach rumbling when we are hungry and when something is not working right, we usually know of it because it hurts.
However, when we go past all that there is, really a lot that goes on and we don't even know it. A lot of the work, or most if not all of it is done by our cells.
God our creator made and gave us cells for one reason only: to get the job done. Cells do so much, we have skin cells protecting the body and gland cells that aid the body, nerve cells that carry electrical impulses plus in addition to that we even have our very own chemical factory in the liver and the cells that work there!
But there is one thing that all cells must do that is more important than all others: staying alive! To stay alive and in good shape they need food for a constant struggle to keep everything functioning and working smoothly; many a times that includes getting rid of old dying cells and replacing them with new ones and then keeping the new ones clean.
God is so great and wonderful that He put this in cells and the ability to do it and keep going all for us, so that we can have a very important thing called life.
There is a Bible verse where the author says that he will praise the Lord because he is fearfully and wonderfully made...that guy had the right idea! First, he realized something very important, God had wonderfully and greatly made him; his body was everything God intended it to be and then the author did the right thing: he praised the Lord for it!
How many times have we just stopped and thanked the Lord for the awesome thing called life? How many times have we stopped our daily activities and thanked the Lord for providing our body with everything it needs to be able to do those daily activities?
God made us: He deserves to be praised and honored for making us.
God not only made us but He then went and died on Calvary for us so that we could go to Heaven and spend eternity with Him...maintaining life. God makes us and then He maintains it, not only here on earth but for all eternity...if we accept Him as our personal savior.
There are many things that cells must do to keep alive, one of these things is maintaining the proper osmotic pressure; water is always moving in and out of our cells, if the cell does not take care it could either burst from too much or shrivel up and die that way. A constant battle!
One other thing that cells have to do is keep the proper amount of pH in balance, all cells need a certain amount of pH or chemicals and acids to keep them going; by using their ion pumps, the cells are able to maintain a balance and in so doing they keep themselves and us alive.
Some other daily activities performed by our cells is keeping the food and waste going in the proper direction; every cells needs nourishment, without it they would all die. And of course there is the maintenance and repair that goes on literally all the time to keep us and our bodies in top order so that we can have that tremendous gift called life.
God has given us life here on earth, He equipped our bodies with all the necessary tools to keep us alive and happy, then God did something else, He gave us a way to have life beyond this world instead of the eternal death to which we are all doomed.
He sent His son to die for us so that we may have life...all we have to do is accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior and we will be saved from the fires of hell, all we have to do is accept the gift, and our life will be maintained...if we don't, it will be lost forever.