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Seeking Divinity

Prerna Salla May 12, 2019
It has often been observed that while one seeks divine strength, people generally have this misconception, that they need to withdraw themselves from worldly affairs as they approach the twilight of their age!
Once you notice that you are aging, you feel the need to be a part of divine presence and alienate yourself from the rest of the world. Unlike what most of us would like to believe, this may or may not be true!

Understanding religion

Every religion has this universal binding process that it teaches everyone. It has this innate quality of binding hearts together, something that you can only achieve when you detach yourself from worldly affairs. That way you can also reach the threshold of spirituality. How would you then know how to withdraw from worldly affairs?
It's quite complicated if you make it complicated. All religions consider three things. Foremost among them is the matter of understanding humanity. If you are humane enough, you are definitely going to end up being conscientious with those you interact with.
Secondly, when religious texts ask you to be a cut above the others, it only intensifies your will to be a better person. The more you detach yourself from situations and think rationally, the better your opinion might be!
Lastly, what you also learn from religion is to be flexible and clear. No divine teaching is based on fixed rules and regulations. It simply makes you aware of the different kinds of people in this world. These different people have different opinions of about various things in life, religion being one of them.
It is not that they are wrong and we are right, in fact it isn't about right or wrong either; it's only a matter of appreciating the various situations and opinions. So when you need to rise above worldly matters, what you really do is think above the materialistic thoughts that would lurk in a commoner's mind.
These thoughts can range from treachery, jealousy, hypocrisy, and self-centered, single-minded thoughts. It's rare that you come across definitions of rising above worldly matters. There are very few sites or reading material that can make one understand the meaning of religion or spirituality.
At most times, people who have a heightened sense of intelligence use the answers to these questions as a means to prove themselves as holy men. If you think of it, most of these answers are nothing but common sense. For instance how should one lead one's life - well, in the simplest manner possible!
While listening to the holy men preaching, at most times you'll realize that these teachings are nothing but the simple ways to living life. And it is in these, that you can seek divinity.

Probing Further

All of this can come naturally to you only if you allow it to! The kind of worldly affairs that you would want is largely dependent on your individual choice. For example, Ever noticed why politics is not everyone's cup of tea?
In a society laden with like-minded people, you still find someone who is perhaps a clerk in an office, while yet another who runs a whole industry, and there is still someone who sweeps your floor. All of them are involved in their own worldly affairs. They have their own chain of thought, their own individual ideas.
They may have similar thoughts on a particular issue but are not all the same! The reason we used this example, is for you to understand that you can live life in two ways. One of the ways can be by making other people's lives miserable like some of the politicians do, or do your bit by serving others (by joining the army, for example).
When you refer to religious texts, they all say the same thing, stay alert, and try to rise above the domain of yourself. It's good to think about yourself, and as long as it doesn't hurt another soul, it's really OK to do your own thing.
The crux of the matter is, it's your life, if you choose to live it well, then it's going to make you happy, or else, you'll be responsible for the choices that you have made. Really that simple!

Infusing principles

It's when you force people to tread on the same path and forcibly create a racket using religion as the base, that you make people miserable around you.
Here again if you'd notice, religion is drenched in common sense, and on your making your own individual choice! Which brings us to believe that you really cannot withdraw yourself from worldly affairs; it's just that the right balance of worldly affairs and spirituality that can enlighten you!
In conclusion, spirituality is not about knowing all the facts, and it is not always reaching out to divinity. It is enhancing your existent knowledge to help yourself and humanity as a whole. A spiritual person always carries a halo around him, attracting the others.
They have this as they have completely detached themselves from what might be termed as mundane and routine. They have accepted life as it is, and have lived it well, rather than existing in it! Some food for thought!