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Sunday School Security and Safety

Gaynor Borade Mar 12, 2019
Sunday School is now designed to take the children and youth beyond Bible Reading and enacting parables. It is very interactive and is extensively attended by children. This has made it mandatory for providers of the facility to address the need for security and safety of the children and teachers.
Sunday School is a practice designed to help children, after communion, to adhere to the path of righteousness and truth. However, today, the approach is very unlike the older one which focused on the classroom bound mode of interaction and reflection on the values of Christianity and the Holy Word.
Now, children are being allowed to experiment with ideas and develop a result-based and query-enriched resource base, with the help of planned and directed effort. Sunday School is now being held within and out of church premises.
The children and youth are allowed to interact with peers outdoors, at picnics, workshops, seminars, and while camping. This calls for a re-address of security and safety equipment. In fact, with activities such as these, security and safety is the concern of every parent whose child attends Sunday School.

Security Activities at Sunday School

It is essential for facilitators and monitoring officials to invest in a proper security plan. There are various security measures as explained ahead.

Monitored Student Movement

Based on size and usage of premises for Sunday School, it is important to maintain a 5:1 ratio, which is, a security personnel for every five children. Verification of security personnel, their track record and registration with the police is necessary.

Teaching Staff Authenticity Check

This is important in the case of volunteer staff. Even the regular facilitators should be cross-checked for authenticity of claims made. There are a number of online and offline resources that help. It pays to insist on the submission of reference letters and relevant documentation.

Security Equipment Check

Fire exits, extinguishers, emergency exits, railings to higher floors, and elevators must be regularly checked. The out-of-bound areas must be clearly demarcated and brought to the students' notice. They should at all times show emergency preparedness.

Safety Activities at Sunday School

Sunday School security and safety is more than just ensuring physical safety of the children and youth. It involves assuring parents and guardians about the mental and emotional well-being of the students. Beyond physical features of the premises used, few other things should be monitored.

Mental Health of Teaching Staff

Young, impressionable minds need to be protected from reference to violence and child abuse. The focus should be on morals and ethics at all times, and facilitators need to compliment the effort with healthy teaching standards. A rostrum for parents to interact with staff and each other should be encouraged.

Response Planning

It is very essential to generate a response cell, among prevalent staff, to address issues pertaining to possible transportation security issues, sexual abuse, or irrelevant and insufficient internet security and computer access, without a delay.
Security and safety are very important to guarantee the correct usage of the platform for interaction provided to the youth. It is the duty of the parents to support and compliment the facilitators and volunteers to rule out hazards - physical, mental, and emotional. The Sunday School experience is meant to be a joyful one for everyone participating.
Planning this activity should be a collaborative effort for timely assimilation of resources like church management software and identification of sensitive areas. Safety and security of children is the prime responsibility. It is in this cocoon that the metamorphosis takes place - from impressionable minds to confident contributors to society, humanity.