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Bible Quotes About Waiting

Claudia Miclaus Oct 9, 2018
Waiting can be a very discouraging process at times. All God's people had to wait for His answer. And even when it came, it always came just in time. Let your heart and soul be encouraged by these verses about waiting!
One of the most difficult time we have to face is the time spent waiting.

It is annoying to wait in traffic jams or to wait for your turn to play, but when it comes to serious issues like a difficult situation for instance, waiting can get painful.
Just thinking about it can be converted into hopelessness. Yet, those who have waited are admired by their successors because they reached their goals, and what's more, their awaiting was not in vain.
"Our Master, Jesus Christ teaches us that there is a precise purpose in those long hours, days of even years of waiting. "And not only so, but let us have joy in our troubles: in the knowledge that trouble gives us the power of waiting. And waiting gives experience; and experience, hope" - Romans 5:4
"Back then and nowadays, many of us are waiting just as the sick, blind, lame, or paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water at Bethesda." - John 5
But what does God speak to those who are waiting? Does God send His answer after all? Take a close look to each of these encouraging verses about waiting and take heart, God knows your case and what you wait for, He will deliver you! He did that to all who asked help from Him!
Therefore, be encouraged: "The hope of the upright man will give joy, but the waiting of the evil-doer will have its end in sorrow." - Proverbs 11:23

"Be waiting for the Lord, and keep his way; and you will be lifted up, and have the land for your heritage: when the evil-doers are cut off, you will see it." - Psalms 37:34
"Do not say, I will give punishment for evil: go on waiting for the Lord, and he will be your Savior." - Proverbs 20:22

"And those who have knowledge of Your Name will put their faith in You; because you, Lord, have ever given Your help to those who were waiting for you." - Psalms 9:10
"Whoever keeps a fig-tree will have its fruit; and the servant waiting on his master will be honored." - Proverbs 27:18
"See! as the eyes of servants are turned to the hands of their masters, and the eyes of a servant-girl to her owner, so our eyes are waiting for the Lord our God, till he has mercy on us." - Psalms 123:2

"O Lord, take me out of the hands of my haters; my soul is waiting for you." - Psalms 143:9
"I am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for Him, and my hope is in His Word." - Psalms 130:5
"Jehovah is pleased with those fearing Him, with those waiting for His kindness." - Psalms 147:11

"Take your rest in the Lord, waiting quietly for him; do not be angry because of the man who does well in his evil ways, and gives effect to his bad designs." - Psalms 37:7
"When I was waiting quietly for the Lord, His heart was turned to me, and He gave ear to my cry." - Psalms 40:1

"Also let none waiting on Thee be ashamed, Let the treacherous dealers without cause be ashamed." - Psalms 25:3
"Now may the God who gives comfort and strength in waiting make you of the same mind with one another in harmony with Christ Jesus..." - Romans 15:5

"So that you may not be slow in heart, but may take as your example those to whom God has given their heritage, because of their faith and their long waiting." - Hebrews 6:12
"Love is never tired of waiting." - Corinthians 13:4
"And so, as the result of patient waiting, our forefather obtained what God had promised." - Hebrews 6:15

"Go on waiting calmly, my brothers, till the coming of the Lord, like the farmer waiting for the good fruit of the earth till the early and late rains have come." - James 5:7
"Be as calm in your waiting; let your hearts be strong: because the coming of the Lord is near." - James 5:8
"Say no hard things against one another, brothers, so that you will not be judged; see, the judge is waiting at the doors." - James 5:9

"The Lord is not slow in keeping his word, as he seems to some, but he is waiting in mercy for you, not desiring the destruction of any, but that all may be turned from their evil ways." - Peter 3:9
"See, I am waiting at the door and giving the sign; if my voice comes to any man's ears and he makes the door open, I will come in to him, and will take food with him and he with ME." - Revelation 3:20
Keep in mind that our predecessors, the first Christians, and all God's people had to pass through difficult periods of waiting. But we are not alone! Jesus is with us every single step of the way! Be encouraged, because His answer is on its way!