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What is Samadhi?

People often misunderstand the word 'samadhi' as a word for a death-like situation. The word literally means 'sama' and 'dhi'. 'Sama' means equanimity, and 'dhi' denotes intelligence.
Prerna Salla Oct 30, 2018
The kind of equanimous state of intellect that we are talking about reflects the concept of 'samadhi'. What it really means is that this state of intellect occurs only when you are able to discriminate between one thing and the other.
The discrimination exists because the intellect functions perfectly. The moment you transcend the intellect, discrimination does not exist. Generally this happens at a time when you have control of all your senses, while keeping your eyes closed. When all senses merge into one, it becomes a whole, in yogic terms.
There seems to be no time and space in a situation like this. This feeling of absolute completeness, a whole totality of things that makes space for samadhi. A feeling of deep orgasm is one of the feelings of samadhi.
Many people have tried to define this feeling, and all that they have come up with is that there is no time and space. You may notice the person who is in samadhi for three days, but for him the feeling is so overpowering that it would seem like a few moments.
There are legends where it is said that there have been yogis who lived up to 400-500 years and that some of them are still alive. It's hard to believe, but it is true. 400-500 years according to rational and logical thinking for the human mind may not be possible.
The only question here is to find such a person who has lived through this experience. Another interesting piece of information is that for us these may be 400-500 years, but according to him, it might have been just a few minutes. Such is the effect of a Samadhi existence.
To understand this concept, you'll have to pull yourself out from this and observe. Notice that while staying in this world, whichever way you look at it, there are aspects that are beyond your understanding. Because you are bound by time and space, everything in the world is calculated on these fundamentals.
For example if there is a task that requires your attention, you'll probably calculate it by the time it might take or probably by the amount of space that it might require you to complete it. An absolute feeling and understanding of samadhi comes in when there is no time and space, or in other words there are no physical quantities.

Present day Understanding of Samadhi

This world, as you understand it today, as you see it today, and as you experience it today, is by in itself comprises of complete falsehood. What we learn from this state is that when you put yourself in situations that require you to complete a task in absolute accuracy, you don't have to be bound by the negativity that surrounds it.
To get into a state of samadhi, you need absolute belief in yourself as well as confidence that you may be able to retain this state for great periods of time. Most often, the feeling of samadhi does not only restrict itself to a peaceful co-existence, it also teaches one the art of being patient.
Patience as a virtue is well understood through documented definition and never by its everlasting effect. It is understood with the help of people who are patient, and never by the fact that all these feelings are right within us. The existence in a samadhi is more like an acceptance that all things both good and evil are within and around you.
Your acceptance of those around you can make you live in a better comprehension of the world around you. That distractions are always hounding you in everyday life; it is the acceptance and the negligence of the fact that these will affect you is what needs to be discarded. True, it's easier said than done, but then Rome wasn't built in a day.
That this struggle of power and muscle is nothing; but a struggle within oneself to get to a position that you have claimed to be respectable! Otherwise this whole world is but an illusion.