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Youth Group Lessons

Mukta Gaikwad Sep 29, 2018
Youth group lessons are meant to help the young minds learn a few things about faith, love, understanding and friendship. Here are a few lesson plans that are a slightly different in nature.
Every Church gets a wide variety of people visiting it. Youth are an important part of these demographics of Church visitors. Their presence, dominated by teens, is where the need for youth groups arises.
It's an obvious fact that young minds need to have different lesson plans than the adults, which can penetrate the perceptive minds of the youth and help them in understanding the basic principles in the most positive sense.
The malleable minds, are more prone to changing their cognition as per the company and the surroundings. Hence, youth group lessons are designed in such a way, that the fundamental lessons of life, seem a matter of common sense, making the morals seem convincing.

Lessons on Friendship

A friend is someone whom you should be able to trust and bank on in the most testing times. This can be taught to the young minds through some trust building activities. Play the 'Obstacle Course' to teach the young minds, the value of trust.
Divide the group into as many pairs as possible. Create an obstacle course in the room, and let the other person lead the blindfolded person through the obstacle course, within 60 seconds. Halfway through the course, blow a whistle, and let the partners interchange the blindfold. Quickly change the setting of the obstacles and let the pair lead on.
This activity is a brilliant way of teaching the students that you need to trust one another, if you have to come out clean through the obstacles in life. Additionally, it also builds friendship and teaches ways of convincing others.

Lessons on Love

Once again I am going to refrain from using the Holy Book to remind the youth about their inherent instincts. In an era where it's merely impossible for parents to spend time with children and vice versa, it becomes very important for the child to be taught the value of family and love.
This lesson is taught through a game called, 'Question and Answer'. It not only involves children, but their parents too. Make all of them sit in a circle. Handover blank papers to the all of them to write questions that they want to ask each other. These questions will be answered in the written form only.
Once the questions have been answered, it will bring out the best in the families as the impending issues will get sorted. This game helps in bridging the communication gap in families, helping them realize the essence of love.

Lessons on Faith

Faith is not just about God, but it's also about having faith and belief in those, who believe in you. Thus, lessons on faith have to begin by teaching children to have faith in themselves. This activity has to be stretched over two weeks. The fact that it's a follow-up activity will allow you to see the response too.
On the first day of the activity, ask every person to write about their assets and strengths. Once they are done writing, ask them to utilize these strengths in some way or the other over a week's span, and write a report about it. The writing is essential, as it helps the mind to be insightful and perceptive about what has happened.
This activity will help the children to know themselves better, thus having self-faith and confidence.
Many interesting lessons for the young minds revolve around the concept of God. However, in my opinion, if these young ones are allowed to look within themselves through these activities, it will help them in knowing the latent potential at young age.
Having a dream, a passion, and a goal and working towards it, is a way of self-realization, which means essentially means finding God.