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These Church Bulletin Ideas Will Easily Catch Everyone's Eye

Church Bulletin Ideas
A church bulletin serves the purpose of making the parishioners aware of the happenings of the church. Needless to say, it should be interesting enough for the faithful to want to glance through it. So, try to make the church bulletin appealing and a little more interesting.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Whether it be between two people or between two entities, communication, sure has an important role to play. The church bulletin for example, is a means through which the church can communicate with the faithful of its parish, or the general public in particular.
Church acts as a bridge for information transfer between those interested in joining the activities of the church. Whether it be informing the public about the service timings, or the statistical data of a particular time period, a bulletin can contain any kind of information.
With so much of information you'd think the bulletin would be boring, well, it needn't be so. A little bit of creativity, can come in handy to make your church bulletin more appealing to the crowd.
Every bulletin ought to...
information put up on bulletin
The church bulletin serves a purpose, that of making the faithful aware of what is happening in the church. For obvious reasons, you must include the minute details including the address, the names of the people in charge, and the associations of the church. You can also add scripture readings for the month/week, to motivate faith formation amongst your faithful.
Food for thought...
There are lots of things the faithful would love to know. Give your faithful a moment to ponder and muse over the scripture passages. Use your bulletin to explain or highlight certain passages. You can even highlight important events associated with faith formation. Do remember, to put in important contact details and events for the month.
Platform of awareness
Use your bulletin as a platform, to make people aware of things around them. Include pressing issues, official messages, and the engagements of the in charge officials. The faithful would surely be glad and thankful, to know the events that have taken place in the past as well the ones to come.
Breathe life to the bulletin board...
Your visitors would like to know who, what, when, why and where of any event. Put up notices that contain answers to these questions on the bulletin board in the church. It saves your time and energy, as well as, provides the public with all the information they need, in a single glance.
Staying in touch on the go
In a world that is obsessed with information on the go, why should your church be left behind? Use the web as a platform to highlight the events of your church. Think of the number of people you will be able to reach out to, with heart warming messages and reflections. Besides, it will help you bring life into an otherwise dull bulletin.
Lend a voice to the cover page...
Do up your cover page. An attractive cover page is sure to make the congregation want to pick up a copy for themselves and get them intrigued to read the contents. Give them a glimpse of what they can expect in the bulletin, let pictures do the talking for you.
The announcements...
You want people to be aware, it's as simple as giving them the information they seek. Put in important notices, advertisements, and yes, include testimonials to make people read the notice boards.
Whether the church gives out leaflets or simple printed sheets of paper to serve as bulletins, it is but a means of communication. While enhancing and appealing to the majority is in our hands we might as well do our best to get people attracted. That said, we hope our sample bulletins - leaflets, magazines and e-zines have got you inspired to enhance the communication between the church and the faithful.