Daniel Fast Rules

The Daniel fast rules may fall upon as being strict and too limited when it comes to food choices, but the end result is said to benefit both mind and soul...
SpiritualRay Staff
The Daniel fast seems like an appropriate regime to go by, especially during the season of Lent where the faithful worldwide, go on a strict fasting regimen for 40 days commencing from Ash Wednesday right up to Holy Saturday before Easter. It all started out with a tale in the Bible about Daniel holding his hand up to the king of Babylon's offering of food. The refusal was made because instead of the food being offered up to the God of Israel, it was meat based meal sacrifices that were put up for idols and other gods.
So Daniel went on to refuse the food he was given along with his three other men. The King got antsy seeing this behavior since Daniel and the other men were amongst the best to have been selected to serve his and the palace's needs. So challenging the court officials, Daniel went on to say that they should be given only vegetables and water for 10 days as a test to see if they could withstand the change in diet. They emerged on the 11th day as men who were very much capable of doing their jobs proving that they didn't need the king's food by way of sustenance, where the king then appointed them into his service of the highest order.
What Does this Particular Fasting Regimen Entail?
The rules for the Daniel fast menu are pretty simple to go by, where those who practice its strict following of what to eat and what not to, egress at the end of the regimen as changed individuals with stronger spirits and cleansed bodies. It is a way of purifying oneself by subjecting the body, mind and spirit under severe self-control means to avoid all that is tempting and considered harmful to the body.
After this diet people will feel an evident loss in weight, with a lot of bodily changes and alterations that take place as the system undergoes a detoxifying process to rid the body of toxins and waste that were building up and stored. Also note that you can include eatables like barley, brown rice, oats, nuts or seeds since the body needs a little of these as well. If you want to follow the strict fasting rules, then that is left up to you. Just be sure to consult a doctor before going on an all veg-fruit fasting plan.
Fruits and Vegetables Included in the Fasting Regimen:

Sprouts Onions
Cantaloupe Parsley
Boysenberries Strawberries
Honeydew Tangerines
Lemon Lime
Spinach Potatoes
Turnips Sweet potatoes
Lettuce Radish
Rutabaga Guava
Blueberries/ Blackberries Figs
Kiwi Tangaloes
Watermelon Tomatoes
Zucchini Onions
Kale Leeks
Eggplant Okra
Plum Raspberries
Peach Pineapple
Parsley Greens
Mushrooms Pears
Scallions Squash
Nectarine Apricots
Raisins Bananas
Apples Cucumbers
Asparagus Corn
Artichokes Beets
Cauliflower Broccoli
Garlic Celery
Brussels sprouts Cabbage
Carrots Cherries
Watercress Grapes
The Daniel fast rules are a strict undertaking for anyone who is in need for repentance, a good cleansing of his / her body, a change in lifestyle and health, to be closer to God, to reunite with one's spirit or whatever reason that one uses as an influence. The fasting plan stresses on how the body has to be far away from eatables and drinks of a foreign nature. Things like caffeine, meat, eggs, milk, fruit juice, white flour, fats, alcohol, white rice, preservative foods, sugar alternatives or sugar itself, junk food, margarine, fats, aerated drinks and shortening have to be excluded at all costs. In order for one to completely live a life that is clean, healthy and balanced in mind and body, he/she has to find real peace with oneself with what surrounds him/her, revamp the way they live their lives and think twice about what they put into their systems. Many people come forth with stories on how the fast has seen them heal from different illnesses, only using prayer and the fasting techniques of this plan as their guide, coming forward both enlightened and healthier than ever. Live life the healthy way.