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Noticeable Signs That You Are Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

Signs That You Are Experiencing Spiritual Awakening
Do you feel connected with your soul lately? Something very strange and beautiful happening with you? There's a fat chance that you might be experiencing spiritual awakening! But probably you don't know if you are. Give us a chance to help you out with spiritual awakening symptoms and signs, that will clear your thoughts completely!
Christina Andrew
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
What is spiritual awakening?
Spiritual awakening is the mystical and out-of-world experience a person has, when he feels one with the Divine and all his creations.
If you have been feeling the urge to go deeper into matters of life and existence, and you are curious to know about the soul, about the creation of the earth, about reality; if you have started doubting your beliefs, about what you have been taught as a kid, don't be confused, instead be happy! You might have just started to experience spiritual awakening, and it is going to be a very interesting, amazing, and beautiful journey of your life. You don't even know what you are entering into yet, and it's only going to get better as you experience things you have never before.
Usually, a tragedy or a very sad incident or a loss makes you want to find the reason behind it. You are furious, you are heartbroken, you feel lost, you feel absent, and with all these feelings, you have questions―loads of them. To find the answers to these questions you go deeper and deeper, and that is where you find yourself. Beneath a load full of doubts, like a newborn, to whom things are so new, you are amazed at every new answer and little piece of knowledge you get. You are born again, you see new things, hear new things, but it was all there already around you, you just needed to be awakened
Let us help you find out, if what you are experiencing are signs of spiritual awakening.
1. You have experienced a great loss/ a death of your future plans.
A great loss can be anything―your job, a family member, financial loss, a physical injury, or your love. If you have lost something and you came out of it, then congratulate yourself, because you have experienced extreme pain, be it physical, or mental, or heartbreak, you survived it and overcame it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, is an appropriate fit here. You now feel strong, being able to cross all the difficulties and the depths of despair all by yourself. Even if someone was there to support you or helped you come out of it, you know in your heart that it was really you who helped yourself. No one but that voice inside you, that helped you take a decision for yourself, that stopped you from thinking about it over and over again, that didn't let you go back to feeling sad and made you stay in the present, in the moment, that voice helped you get over with it.

▶ One day you are going to be thankful for this loss, because it will make you a person you could never imagine to be.
2. You are now confused.
You have come out of that situation where you felt miserable about yourself. But you are now confused. You are thinking why did it happen at all? Why all of this? For what possible reason? Why so much sadness, so much pain? You are completely confused, quiet, sad, depressed about what happened.

▶ Confusion is good. It gives rise to questions, and your urge to know the answer. Your quest of search starts, and so does your journey, where you not only find the answer to that question, but many more things that simply amaze you at every step.
3. You start questioning your life, purpose of living, the reason of creation of the planet.
Questions start to barge in. From petty questions about a situation in your life, to the existence of your life itself. You are intrigued to know all about life. From where you were, when you heard someone speak of all this, and you laughed about it, thinking it was crap, to where you are now, to really reasoning your purpose of living. You have changed so much that even your friends and family start noticing it. You start realizing that you are actually a soul who is experiencing a human life. All things start to make sense. You can join the dots.

▶ It's more than satisfying when you get the answers to all your questions, be it logical, scientific, or spiritual, it doesn't matter until its satisfactory to you. And it will come to you, the answers to all your questions, one by one, and with every answer you get, things will be easy to understand, more relative, and it will all come from within you; because you are just discovering―that what is already there.
4. You feel loved unconditionally by the Divine, so much so, that you break into tears with joy.
Once you understand a little bit about yourself, you understand the love with which you were created. When you realize how complicated your body is and how it functions, the number of veins, the bones, the movements of your muscles, the complexity of your eyes, your heart, your brain, just everything is so minutely and so delicately made, with so much care. You realize how lucky you are to be what you are, when you understand why you are the way you are. You feel so loved, that you never felt before. Not one human hug is even close to this feeling. It is a feeling of love so strong you can't contain it within yourself, and it comes out in the form of tears.

▶ This is such a beautiful feeling, to feel how much you are loved! To understand that everything around is only for you. Every pretty thing that you see is just for your eyes to capture.
5. You are creating new belief systems.
As you start understanding yourself, you also start noticing the things around you. You start observing and perceiving them, and seek for reason behind everything; because now you know there is one. You want to know what it is made of, how it is made, and then things uncover themselves for you, and realization dawns upon you, that many things you were taught as a kid, and you had been following innocently have a different meaning altogether! You start doubting all that you knew and come up with new belief systems that seem more real and relative.

▶ This is bound to happen. And it only happens because you dare to question the existence of everything. You get a deeper understanding of it. Life becomes more meaningful with every doubt you have.
6. You feel the urge to break free from the routine lifestyle that everyone follows.
You suddenly realize what man has become. What are humans doing? Why is no one free! Why is it that everybody follows the other? Why have people given their rights to others to misuse them? Why has man polluted the atmosphere so much? Why so much unnecessary honking on the roads? What are these political institutions? Why is everyone under them? Why was money made? How well could every individual be able to enjoy the gifts of nature if there was no such thing as money! No rich and no poor. How crazy are people to be greedy for materialistic things.

▶ You would feel the need to go explore your surrounding, road trips, camping in forests, trekking and more nature-related adventures rather than living monotonously in the city doing the same thing everyday.
7. You connect with nature more than ever.
Nature is a gift to mankind. But most of us neglect it, or rather forget about it, and take it for granted. We are so caught up in our work and in people and things around us that we forget to stop and stare at what it keeps showing us from time to time. But YOU, you are going through a mystic phase in your life, where you will notice even the minutest thing in nature, and only be in awe of its creation.

▶ You will develop a special feeling for trees and flowers, animals, and birds, and practically every living thing. You will not pluck the leaves from trees anymore, you might even think before you kill a tiny black ant (because it never hurts you, but you still would kill or play with it anyway, earlier).
8. You wish to do something you know you would really enjoy.
You may have been confused as a youngster stepping out into this world and may have pursued a career that probably doesn't excite and interest you. You hate doing that work. And most important of all, you don't know why you are doing it, or what good you are getting out of it (except for money, which is the case with most people). This has caused turbulence in your mind, and you want to quit and pursue something that you like. If you have already done it, very well then! You must be at peace, love your job, or should be discovering your love for it by the days. You might even find your way into something you never knew you could do, which gives you great happiness!

▶ Doing a job that you don't like is like wasting more than half of your life on it. Admit it, for most of us, most of the hours of our day (or night) are spent at our workplaces in offices. Now take a moment to think, if you are living the maximum part of your life doing something you don't like, what are you doing?! Really!!
9. Your conversations with yourself and/or the Divine has increased a lot.
Everybody talks to themselves. Nothing new in it. We have a constant voice in our head, that keeps talking to us all the time. But for you, it'll be more frequent. Usually the voice talks to us in our mind. For you, you may do it aloud. (Might not happen with all, but with some, definitely yes!) The voice in your head is speaking out loud, and you too are talking out loud. So if you are alone in a room, a person on the outside may think you are actually having a conversation with another person.

▶ When you talk to yourself or the Divine, you derive a sense of satisfaction that you can't get by talking to a person.
10. You experience bouts of sadness or intense emotions very frequently.
This is a very frequent phase in life these days. Emotional outbursts like never before. You will feel sad, and sometimes, you don't even know the reason! No reason at all. You might experience a heaviness in your chest and head, and crying will make you feel better.

▶ With every such emotional experience, you are letting go off something from your past that has been bothering you. Even if you don't know what it is that you are sad about, don't worry, it's normal.
11. Your body experiences physical changes.
What you feel today is because of a certain frequency that you vibrate in. When you are experiencing spiritual awakening, you start vibrating at higher frequencies. This changes a lot of things in your body. Your hormones start functioning differently. You might become forgetful, your eyesight will become foggy sometimes, you may experience head, back, spinal cord, shoulder pains. You might start seeing the aura of people and animals. Sometimes, you might not understand what the other person is saying (audio dyslexia), and your sleeping pattern will change.

▶ All these things will happen without an illness or injury, but this is perfectly okay, because this is the opening of the energy centers (chakras) of your body, which cause the pain.
12. You start looking at everything with a different perspective.
Once you gain knowledge about things, about all the whats and whys, you start seeing things differently. People around you might not even be close to imagining things that you do. You will appreciate every little thing and probably thank the Divine for it. You will also start seeing the negativity around you, and you might want to run away from it. You will sense it in people, in things, or places.
13. You have personal spiritual experiences when you feel oneness with everything.
You will have these moments when you feel one with everything. You will see that everything is connected, and it all goes through you. Every person that you met, even for a moment, has an impact on your life, and you have an impact on theirs. Every flower that you smell, every bird that you see flying, gives you something. Everything is connected with everything. When you feel one with everything, you feel that everything is you, and you are everything.
14. You experience synchronicity (you can call it coincidence, but that's not what it is!).
It must have happened with you that you were searching for an answer and it came right in your hand, like in a book you are reading, or someone randomly just talks to you about a thing, or you watch someone doing something and bang! There it is. You find the answer. This happens when you are in sync with your soul. You also see numbers like 11:11, 111, 333, 555, etc. Each number has a significance. If you look up the internet, you will find the meanings of these numbers.

▶ Always check for such numbers, because they might be a mysterious way of answering your questions.
Any knowledge you gain is going to be less, because you will always hunger for more. You will start talking to people about the bigger purpose of life, and it will become your favorite topic of discussion; and the people who relate to it will be your favorite people to talk to. You will start appreciating life and enjoying every bit of it.

These were the few signs which if you experience, consider yourself blessed! It's going to be a very beautiful journey ahead, and trust me, life is going to get wonderful for you. And know this: once you are spiritually awakened, even if it is half way through, you will never turn back. It is going to be all light in front of you, and you will do great things for yourself and for this planet.