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8 Nice and Easy Christian Bedtime Prayers to Teach Your Children

8 Christian Bedtime Prayers to Teach Your Children
Teaching your children to pray every night can be easy with these simple, beautiful prayers. Pray with your child and help him/her learn these prayers before a good night's sleep.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
"Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts."
― Mother Teresa
Teaching children to pray at an early age helps introduce them to a spiritual life. Bedtime prayers can be established as a routine that will help the child sleep better and feel safe. Teach your toddler to pray by kneeling down beside his/her bed at night and praying with him/her. Encourage him to fold his hands together and close his eyes while praying. Start by teaching a short prayer that is easier to remember. If possible, get a print of the prayer, and frame it beside your child's bed. This will help him remember his daily routine.

In this SpiritualRay article, we have provided a list of some simple Christian bedtime prayers for children. While helping your child to memorize, try to explain what the words mean, and why we pray. This will help him understand and memorize easily.
Small girl praying
Savior Lay Thy Hand on Me
Savior, lay Thy hand on me,
Bless me, and remember me.

Oh Lord, support us all the day long,
Until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes,
And the busy world is hushed.
Then in thy mercy grant us a safe lodging,
And a holy rest and peace at the last.

Ah dearest Jesus, Holy Child,
Make thee a bed, soft, undefiled,
Within my heart, that it may be
A quiet chamber kept for thee.
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray to God my soul to take.

If I should live for other days,
I pray the Lord to guide my ways.
Father, unto thee I pray,
Thou hast guarded me all day;
Safe I am while in thy sight,
Safely let me sleep tonight.
Bless my friends, the whole world bless;
Help me to learn helpfulness;
Keep me every in thy sight;
So to all I say good night.
Jesus, Tender Shepherd
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me:
Bless Thy little child to-night;
Through the darkness be Thou near me,
Keep me safe till morning light.
All this day Thy hand has led me,
And I thank Thee for Thy care;
Thou hast warmed me, clothed me, fed me;
Listen to my evening prayer.
May my sins be all forgiven;
Bless the friends I love so well;
Take me, Lord, at last to heaven.
Happy there with Thee to dwell.
The Day is Done
The day is done;
O God the Son,
Look down upon
Thy little one!
O Light of Light,
Keep me this night,
And shed round me
Thy presence bright.
I need not fear
If Thou art near;
Thou art my Savior
Kind and dear.
Father, We Thank Thee
Father, we thank thee for the night,
And for the pleasant morning light;
For rest and food and loving care,
And all that makes the day so fair.
Help us to do the things we should,
To be to others kind and good;
In all we do, in work or play,
To grow more loving every day.
A Child's Evening Prayer
I hear no voice, I feel no touch,
I see no glory bright;
But yet I know that God is near,
In darkness as in light.
He watches ever by my side,
And hears my whispered prayer:
The Father for His little child
Both night and day doth care.
These simple Christian bedtime prayers said with rhyme and rhythm are easy to learn. Ensure that you pray for and with your children regularly before tucking them in at night.