A Guide to Ancient Mayan Gods and Goddesses

Maya people worshiped many gods and goddesses. They even had patron gods. Read on as we bring a complete guide to ancient Mayan gods and goddesses in this Buzzle article.
SpiritualRay Staff
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2018
Did You Know?
Mayan beliefs are based on the life cycle of the maize crop, which was a staple crop for the Mayans. The Mayan maize god was the most important religious figure for them.
A Mesoamerican civilization, Mayans are renowned for their written language, art, and architecture. Most of the Mayan culture and traditions are based on the cycles of nature. Although not much is known about their traditions, it is believed that they considered three planes: earth, underworld, and heavens. Their gods and goddesses are many, with both good and evil characteristics. The right and the wrong changes with a change in cycles. Many gods merge with each other as they have overlapping aspects.
God Power
Acan God of alcoholic beverages.
Acat God of tattoo makers.
Ah Muzen cab The god of bees.
Ah Peku The god of thunder.
Ah Puch The god of death.
Ah Tabai The god of the hunt.
Ah Uuc Ticab The god of the earth.
Ahau Chamahez The god of medicine and good health.
Ajbit One of the creator gods.
Ajtzak One of the creator gods.
Alom The god of sky.
Bacab God of the earth and thunder.
Bahlam God of protection.
Bitol A sky god.
Bolon Ts'akab God of harvest.
Bolontiku Underworld gods.
Buluc Chabtan The god of war, violence, and sacrifice.
Cabrakan A god of earthquakes.
Cacoch A creator god.
Camazotz Bat god.
Can Tzicnal God of the northern sky.
Chaac or Chac The god of storms.
Chac Uayab Xoc A fish god.
Chicchan Rain god.
Cit-Bolon-Tum A god of healing.
Chin A god of homosexual relationships.
Cizin A god of death.
Colop An eclipse deity.
Coyopa The god of thunder.
Cum Hau A god of death.
Ek Chuaj A god of warriors.
Q'uq'umatz A snake god.
Hachäk'yum A god of Lacandon people
Hobnil A god of the eastern sky.
Hozanek A god of sky.
Hun-Batz A god of arts.
Hun-Chowen A god of arts.
Hun-Hunahpu A maize deity.
Hunab Ku The highest Yucatec god.
Hun-Ahpu One of the Hero Twins.
Hunahpu-Gutch A creator god.
Hunahpu Utiu A creator god.
Huracan A lightning god.
Itzamna The founder of the Mayan culture.
Itzananohk'u A god of the Lacandon people.
Ixmucane A creator god.
Ixpiyaco A creator god.
Jacawitz A mountain god.
Kinich Ahau A solar deity.
Kinich Kakmo A solar deity.
Kukulkan A snake deity.
Maximon A god of travelers, mischief, and fertility.
Nohochacyum A creator-destroyer deity.
Oxlahuntiku A creator god.
Qaholom A creator god.
Q'uq'umatz A snake god and creator.
Tepeu A sky god.
Tohil A god of sun and rain.
Vatanchu A mountain god.
Voltan A earth and drum god.
Xaman Ek God of travelers and merchants.
Xbalanque One of the Hero Twins.
Xcarruchan A mountain god.
Xmucane and Xpiayoc A creator god couple.
Yaluk Chief lightning god.
Yum Kaax God of wild plants and of animals.
Zac-cimi God of the sky.
Goddess Power
Akna A goddess of fertility and childbirth.
Awilix Moon goddess and a goddess of night.
Colel A goddess of the bees.
Ixazaluoh A goddess of water and weaving.
Ixchel A goddess of childbirth and medicine.
Ixtab The goddess of suicide.
There are many other supernatural beings like demons in Mayan culture as well. Many stories about how gods defeated the demonic beings are popular too.