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A List of Greek Demigods and Demigoddesses You'll Want to Bookmark

List of Greek Demigods
Demigods are descendants of Gods due to their union with mortals. They are known to have extraordinary powers and possess superhuman qualities, but they are mortal. This SpiritualRay post provides you with a list of Greek demigods and goddesses.
Namrata Phatak
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Did You Know?
The archaic Greek poets Homer and Hesiod describe dead heroes as hemitheoi, i.e., "half gods". This did not mean that they had one parent who was divine and one who was mortal.
Demigods are part god and part mortal. They are more powerful as compared to normal mortals; hence, they are also known as half gods. There are various stories and myths about them. They did possess some percentage of the power of their parent god. For example; sons of Zeus had some control over the sky realm, that of Poseidon over water, daughters of Aphrodite were beautiful and could easily charm others, etc. Having provided you with a brief introduction on half gods, we bring to you a list of famous demigods and demigoddesses.
Greek Demigods
  • Name: Aeacus
  • Parents: Zeus, Aegina
  • About: He is the king of the island Aegina, named after his mother. He judges dead in the underworld along with Minos and Rhadamanthus.
Greek demigod Aeneas
Greek demigod Aeneas
  • Name: Aeneas
  • Parents: Aphrodite, Anchises
  • About: Along with his cousin Hector, he played a prominent role in the battle of Troy. According to some sources, he was made the leader of the Trojan survivors after the war.
  • Name: Agenor
  • Parents: Poseidon, Libya
  • About: A descendant of Epaphus, he was the king of Phoenicia. Also, he is the father of Europa and Cadmus.
  • Name: Amphion
  • Parents: Zeus, Antiope
  • About: He built Thebes along with his twin brother Zethus. He killed himself after losing his wife and children.
  • Name: Arcas
  • Parents: Zeus, Callisto
  • About: He was a great hunter and the king of Arcadia, a country named after him. He taught people the process of making bread and weaving.
Greek demigods Castor And Pollux
Greek demigods Castor And Pollux
  • Name: Castor and Pollux
  • Parents: Zeus, Leda
  • About: Together known as the Dioskouroi, they were twin brothers who shared immortality. But Castor was a son of a mortal, Tyndareus, whereas Pollux was a son of Zeus.
  • Name: Cycnus
  • Parents: Ares, Pelopia
  • About: He was a very brutal and bloodthirsty man, who killed all of his guests. He was slain by Heracles.
Greek demigod Dionysus
Greek demigod Dionysus
  • Name: Dionysus
  • Parents: Zeus, Semele
  • About: He is the last god as well as the youngest to be accepted at St. Olympus. He is the god of grapes, winemaking, and fertility.
  • Name: Epaphus
  • Parents: Zeus, Io
  • About: He was the king of Egypt. He was conceived by the touch of Zeus's hand. According to some sources, he is the founder of Memphis, Egypt.
Greek demigod Hercules
Greek demigod Hercules
  • Name: Heracles
  • Parents: Zeus, Alcmene
  • About: He is the greatest of Greek heroes. He is known for his strength, masculinity, and courage. He was considered a great friend and a terrible enemy.
  • Name: Lacedaemon
  • Parents: Zeus, Taygete
  • About: He was a mythological king of Laconia and father of King Amyclas of Sparta.
Greek demigod Minos
Greek demigod Minos
  • Name: Minos
  • Parents: Zeus, Europa
  • About: He was the king of Crete, and became a judge in the underworld, after his death.
Greek demigod Memnon
Greek demigod Memnon
  • Name: Memnon
  • Parents: Eos, Tithonus
  • About: He was an Ethiopian king, considered to be as skillful as Achilles. Zeus was very hurt after his death, so he granted him immortality.
Greek demigod Orion
Greek demigod Orion
  • Name: Orion
  • Parents: Poseidon, Eurale
  • About: He was a great huntsmen, and believed to have died due to the bow of Artemis. He was later sent to heavens by Zeus.
Greek demigod Orpheus
Greek demigod Orpheus
  • Name: Orpheus
  • Parents: Calliope, Apollo
  • About: He was a great musician and poet. In fact his music was said to be so divine that it charmed stones as well.
Greek demigod Perseus
Greek demigod Perseus
  • Name: Perseus
  • Parents: Zeus, Danae
  • About: He was smart and powerful. He killed Medusa. He founded the Mycenae kingdom, and also established the Perseid dynasty of Danaans.
  • Name: Pirithous
  • Parents: Zeus, Dia
  • About: He was detained by Hades for trying to take away Persephone along with Theseus.
  • Name: Polydorus
  • Parents: Harmonia, Cadmus
  • About: He was the eldest son of Cadmus, and the king of Thebes.
  • Name: Rhadamanthus
  • Parents: Zeus, Europa
  • About: He was the third judge of the dead in the underworld.
Greek demigod Sarpedon
Greek demigod Sarpedon
  • Name: Sarpedon
  • Parents: Zeus, Europa
  • About: He fought bravely in the Trojan war on the side of the Greeks.
Greek demigod Theseus
Greek demigod Theseus
  • Name: Theseus
  • Parents: Poseidon, Aethra, Aegeus
  • About: He was wise, powerful, and considered a great reformer. He was the founder-king of Athena.
  • Name: Tityos
  • Parents: Zeus, Elara, also of Gaea
  • About: His mother, Elara, was hidden underground by Zeus, but he grew in size and tore Elara's womb.
Greek Demigoddesses
  • Name: Britomartis
  • Parents: Zeus, Karme
  • About: She was a Minoan virgin goddess. She is also considered as a mountain nymph and goddess of fishing nets.
Greek demigoddess Helen
Greek demigoddess Helen
  • Name: Helen
  • Parents: Zeus, Leda
  • About: She was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. It was her beauty that caused the war of Troy.
Greek demigoddess Hippolyta
Greek demigoddess Hippolyta
  • Name: Hippolyta
  • Parents: Ares, Harmonia
  • About: She was the queen of Amazons. Her father Ares had given her a waist belt with a magical girdle, which was a symbol of authority.
  • Name: Semele
  • Parents: Harmonia, Cadmus
  • About: She was the mortal mother of Dionysus, who was fathered by Zeus. She perished (incinerated) due to the lightning flames when Zeus revealed his true form to her.