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Is it True that Everyone has a Guardian Angel?

Is it True that Everyone has a Guardian Angel?

Is the existence of guardian angels confined within books and fantasy tales, or do they actually exist? And even if we say they do, then is it true that everyone has a guardian angel, or do they work in teams, protecting more than one person at a time? This SpiritualRay article throws some angelic light on the same.
Shalu Bhatti
"For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways.
On their hands they will bear you up,
lest you strike your foot against a stone."
― Psalm 91:11-12 (ESV)
The Bible mentions the existence of guardian angels in our lives at various instances. The belief is not only prevalent in Christianity, but also in other religions including Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism. There have been testimonies of various mystics who claimed to have interacted with their guardian angels. Some even claim to have the gift of being able to see them with their eyes. According to believers, each and every person has a guardian angel assigned to him or her, irrespective of their religious beliefs, gender, faith, and moral conduct.

While most of us fail to understand the existence of a protective deity in our lives, most often ridiculing the concept as opposed to the hardships we have faced in life so far, the truth is that there is no reason to not believe in the concept of the holy entities. For those who are willing to believe and accept their presence in their lives, it is believed that the more one accepts, the stronger the protection gets.

Is There Any Proof that Everyone has a Guardian Angel?

Are guardian angels real? If testimonies of people and ancient texts work as proofs and evidences, then yes, they are real, and everyone has a guardian angel. In fact, there can be more than one guardian angel for a particular person. An Italian mystic and stigmatist Gemma Galgani, who was venerated as a saint, claimed that she had spoken with her guardian angel, along with Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and other saints. On one account she also said the following in testimony of the same -

The Blessed Virgin Mary opened her mantle and covered me with it. At that very moment Jesus appeared with his wounds all open; blood was not flowing from them, but flames of fire which in one moment came and touched my hands, feet and heart. I felt I was dying, and should have fallen down but for my Mother (Blessed Virgin Mary) who supported me and kept me under her mantle. Thus I remained for several hours. Then my Mother kissed my forehead, the vision disappeared and I found myself on my knees; but I still had a keen pain in my hands, feet and heart. I got up to get into bed and saw that blood was coming from the places where I had the pain. I covered them as well as I could and then, helped by my guardian angel, got into bed.

Padre Pio, the famous Italian priest known for his stigmata and miraculous powers, also claimed that he always had his two guardian angels―St. Joseph and St. Francis―to help him overcome all the difficult times. He would also ask his parishioners to send their guardian angels to him in times of trouble, when they themselves could not come to him. Maria Valtorta, a bedridden Roman Catholic Italian writer and poet, also claimed to have written a book titled, "The Book of Azariah" under the dictation of her guardian angel Azariah.

Lorna Byrne, a UK citizen who claims to have the gift of seeing these ethereal beings says that she could do so since she was a child. She not only saw them, but also communicated with them, however, she was forbidden to tell the others about it. Things came into the forefront only after her children became older and began spreading the word. She explains:

Every single person has a guardian angel regardless of their religion, nationality or the colour of their skin, even if they have no faith and don't believe in anything. Your guardian angel is trying to help you. It is a gift from God and it never leaves you for one moment, from before your birth to after your death.

I see guardian angels as a light about three steps behind each person. Sometimes, a guardian angel will open this light up for me and will show me a very beautiful, perfect human appearance. Although angels are neither male nor female, they will sometimes take on the appearance of a man or a woman. Sometimes, the guardian angels I am shown have wings, sometimes they don't.

According to her, the sole purpose of our guardian angels is to protect us, care for us, and keep us from any harm, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We all are God's children, and it is God Himself who has created a unique angel specially for us, to keep us on our ways. This angel has been with us since the time we were conceived to the time we enter the afterlife. God doesn't want us to be alone and vulnerable, so He has set His angels upon us as our shield.

How to Contact Your Guardian Angel?

Perhaps you have felt their presence too, however, you have just failed to identify that what you felt was nothing but the protective, soothing, and healing presence of your guardian angel. At times you feel a voice trying to warn you of something, a voice deep within you, or perhaps from around, but not clear enough. Sometimes you tend to feel a warm touch on a particular area of your body, your palms, shoulder, face, and back. At times, you see a feather gently gliding down the ceiling, unable to understand where it came from. While at the other time, you somehow manage to escape an accident that could have gotten much worse, if it were not for some "lucky" or "miraculous" escape. All these are signs that people have experienced when their angel(s) made them feel their presence.

Understand that it is unlikely for your angel to appear in person in front of you―unless you're highly spiritual and religious―only because your "logical self" would find it hard to believe, perhaps be frightened, only taking you further away from the safe haven your angel is meant to provide you. However, you can feel its presence in your life by being more receptive. The more you acknowledge the presence of your guardian angel, the more receptive you can be towards this ethereal companion of yours. You just need to accept, acknowledge, and invite the angel when you seek clarity, help, and get the assistance that you need at a particular instance. The traditional prayer used for this purpose is written as under.

Angel of God, my guardian dear
to whom God's love commits me here.
Ever this day/night be at my side
to light, to guard, to rule and guide.

When you use this prayer to communicate with your guardian angel, it makes the bond between you and your angelic companion all the more strong. To further accentuate the connection, you may also greet your guardian angel oftentimes during the day. In fact, it isn't uncommon for people to have kept a name for their angel, why don't you give a name to yours? Take out time to talk to your companion when you're alone, in a quiet and peaceful place, somewhat in a state of meditation. This is because it is only in such a state that you can hear the holy guardian's voice. Speak to your angel about your fears, your anxieties, a difficulty that you are likely to face, and seek your angel's advice to help you out. You will get the answers in your head. Although, you might feel that they are just voices coming from your own self, but it is your guardian angel who has put these within you. However, there have been accounts when people have heard voices outside their heads, as if a soothing voice coming from a distance.

Do not confuse guardian angels with spirit guides, or souls of a dear one who is deceased. These angels are ethereal and not of this world. They are made and assigned by God to take care of us throughout our existence. Many people also have questions in terms of the power of a guardian angel comparing with another's. For instance, if one person is more "lucky" or successful than the other, people end up thinking that it has got to do with the power or ability of the guardian angel. However, the truth is that it is not the power of the guardian angel, but our belief and reception towards its power. Oftentimes we fail to acknowledge it, we can sense something at the back of our mind trying to warn us, but we conveniently ignore its warnings and proceed with our free will. You see, even God will not force Himself on us, let alone His angels, therefore, those who can tune their free will with the will of these guardians of ours, find the answer to every question, a solution to every problem, a smile in every turbulent time. Are you willing to tune your frequency?